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Joshua Lifrak, M.S.

Mental Performance

Over the past 15 years, I have had the privilege of working with elite athletes and leaders to help them execute at their highest levels. Whether it be the professional or the executive corporate athlete there are common habits of success. Those habits are often born from the culture and the collective mindset of the environment as well as the individual's efforts. I help companies, executives and teams understand and then create championship cultures and championship mental habits.

"As our relationship has grown he has helped our team members connect with each other thru hands on exercises. He is member of our team, it is no coincidence that we have won 5 team titles and 3 individual titles in the 6 years he has been working with us."   –Peter Smith, Head Tennis Coach, USC Trojans, NCAA Championships from 2009-2012, 2014

"Theo Epstein also set out to train his players' brain. The Cubs have a five-person mental skills team that offers mindfulness exercises, visualization drills, and meditation to all players throughout the organization. 'The overriding philosophy is better humans make better players,' says Josh Lifrak, who runs the program. 'Don’t let the moment get too large. Catch yourself thinking bad. That’s mindfulness. Not only knowledge, but action.'" - TIME MAGAZINE

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